Réseau de compétences en environnement

Geocoop's network

Geocoop is a cooperative made up of a certified specialists network in geosciences active in the fields of environment and town planning.

Its members, of profiles and complementary interests, provide a range of skills to respond to complex and diverse mandates of studies. We meet the demands of SMI, associations, events and public authorities.


Geocoop's offer

We centralize issues related to environmental and urban planning, offer a diagnosis and orient agents to appropriate and innovative solutions.

  1. Analysis of your needs.
  2. Identification of appropriate experts.
  3. Development of an offer / follow up with the appropriate entity.
  4. Rendering results.

The strength of our network lies in a wide range of knowledge and contacts. Wherever possible, we respond directly to the challenges offered by our customers by developing a suitable offer.

Otherwise, we refocusing requests to the relevant entities within our network and keep track until the end of the work.


Geocoop - un large panel de compétences et d’outils à votre service

geocoop société coopérative

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