Réseau de compétences en environnement


Through its members, the cooperative attempts to promote the objective of sustainable development based on balanced social, ecological and economic development. Through its governance, the cooperative aims to promote equality. In virtue of its structure, the cooperative’s decision-making process is horizontal and transparent, and based on the principles of co-responsibility of all members and facilitated integration of diversified and original new member profiles.



Team geocoop

The cooperative’s members contribute their skills and experience to the organisation. Each contributes to visibility of the Geocoop-network thanks to their unique and complementary profiles. In this manner, the team is able to address a large number of urban planning and environmental issues.


The Geocoop is committed to finding the interlocutor that is best qualified to assist you in meeting your challenges. When appropriate, the members of the cooperative will be pleased to put their vast experience and expertise at your service.



Tristan Pasquier

Associate vélocité riviera sàrl


Cynthia Martignier

Urban planner


Samuel Scherer

Land planner


Adrien Roy

Land planner



Samuel Wicki

Phd Student



François Moreau



Loïc Leray

Phd Student-MyCloudkitchen.ch


Léa Tallon



Marc Assal

Associate vélocité riviera sàrl



Dr. Natan Micheletti

GIS engineer



Dr. Mariano Bonriposi

Data Manager


Jessalyne Schwarz

Urban planner



Joachim Kunz

Environement and energy


Raoul Gonzalez


Registered cooperative (Switzerland)

Geoccop is a registered cooperative society listed in the commercial register of the canton of Vaud.


Officially funded in February 2014 by eight former students in geosciences and the environment, the cooperative’s objective to bring together specialists in environmental sciences and to publicize their skills.


The structure of the cooperation has been defined so as to fully correspond with the ideals of its members: equity, transparency and openness.

Do not hesitate to submit your requests directly to one of the members or to the general address of the geoccop:



rue Centrale 17

1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey

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geocoop société coopérative

rue Centrale 17

CH - 1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey